Clarity of ideas is not a process that can be rushed. Every moment in the last 7 years of my life has had a direct impact on the formulations that Love Kinks will present.  Love Kinks will launch 3 products in 2022, a hairline serum, super moisturiser and sealing oil.  Every scent, every ingredient, the packaging, the pricing and even the funds to go forward with this project have come from a long list of events that have contributed to this moment. 

The scent: The scent of the products is very important as I have found that natural hair products often smell bland and at times foul. Our Lemongrass, grapefruit peel and mandarin peel scent is perfectly complex and fitting for our beautiful black women, men and children. 

The hairline serum: There are so many reasons why we decided to go the serum route for the hairline maintenance issue. 1. A serums fast absorbing nature prevents rubbing of fingers against the hairline on application. 2. A serum penetrates deeper than oils and creams which allows for better results. 3. A serum is not greasy and it’s always sad to see ladies with greasy hairlines because of oils and men with greasy beards. 4. The dropper allows for more precise application and saves product from being wasted. 5. Makes evening application easy. And so so so many more reasons.

The super moisturiser: Our super moisturiser had to be in a pump to avoid product waste, slipping and dropping and for that all round clean neat application. Pumps are everything. The biggest formulation problem with creams is the white residue or curdling when mixed with other products. We have made sure that this doesn’t happen and if it does, it must not easily happen. We have tested this and it’s been perfect so far. We are creating a super moisturiser that  is light and detangles easily. We will later follow up with a thicker sealant cream. 

Sealant oil: Hair oils are an integral part of hair care for black women and men. These oils are often foul smelling or too simple. We have created a non greasy beautiful smelling and complex oil with a mix of 12 beautiful oils that we all love including black castor oil, castor oil, cannabis sativa seed oil and our favs Jojoba oil, almond oil, grape seed oil and many more. 

The packaging: Packaging has been the most difficult part of the process. It feels like it can be make or break as they will be the only way that people can interact with the products before they use them. The design needs to communicate the brand story and be modern and artistic. We worked with 2 designers, one who did the first design and a second one to add a new perspective to the design. 

Creating hair care products for natural hair is something that I have always wanted to do. This event in my life is something that was going to happen in any reality. There is no path life could follow in which Love Kinks does not evolve to incorporate a hair care line. This part of the journey is the act of aligning my actions with my passion.  Serving the needs of others is something is my purpose and how amazing is it that I get to do it through a never-ending love for natural hair. 


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