Haircare evolves and mine started with a dry scalp that would often bleed from lack of moisture. In 2016 when I first went natural, I used coconut oil to moisturise my hair and scalp, or at least what I thought at the time was moisturising.

The use of coconut oil was based on mostly word of mouth, memes and internet sources. Oil is not a moisturiser but rather a sealant which can also be used to inject much needed nutrients into the hair and scalp.

Under no circumstances should oil be used daily on dry scalp and hair, without proper moisture it will lead to even drier hair and scalp which was what was happening to me.

Coconut oil directly onto my hair and scalp further dried out my hair and scalp and made it flaky and itchy to a point where I would scratch until I bled. There was no relief and I was forced to read more and more until I found solutions. 

It is important to understand your hair and ingredients/products. It feels like too much information in the beginning but eventually becomes easy. You spend what seems like a lot of money when trying out different products to figure out what works but becomes affordable once you know what you need. It takes about a year to feel confident, it took me longer but it could have taken me a year if I was not so stubborn. I have come a long way and now my haircare routine is as follows:

Washing: Once a week with a non stripping shampoo and follow up with a conditioner that leaves my hair feeling lush, soft and moisturised. 

Hairline: Daily and at times in the morning and evening. I massage a serum or oil into my hairline. 

Moisturising: Daily or every second day. I use the LCO method mostly because oil is a sealant. My water is followed by leave in conditioner then oil. In colder and dryer months, I add a cream after the leave in conditioner for extra moisture and then seal with an oil. I stick to thick shea butter creams and light oils that do not leave my hair greasy. I do the LOC method when I want to inject oil directly to my hair but the cream does not penetrate the strand as efficiently as the LCO method. 

Hydrating: Daily. I use plain water in a spray bottle or a hair sprits on my hair daily. 

Treatments: Weekly. I treat my hair weekly with an array of treatments. This is where I have fun, I buy a bunch of treatments and alternate. I use a protein treatments once in a while and moisture based treatments weekly. 

Braid care: I sprits water then follow up with leave in conditioner daily. Every other day, I add a light oil as a sealant. I do not apply the oil to the hair daily. I still carry on with the above hairline daily method. There is no need to moisturise the synthetic braid. 

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