I do not think I have had the opportunity to write about my love for satin. The love affair with satin began in 2018. It quickly developed into something special that led to the first product in the Love Kinks range.

I first experienced the life-changing effects of retaining some moisture overnight in 2018. Waking up to hair that was easily manageable and much easier to manipulate was a mind-blowing experience. To be honest, it took about a month to start seeing the effectiveness, which I think I expected on the first day. 

I remember it like it was yesterday. Over the next few weeks, my mind raced trying to find a way to make the satin pillowcases I had better. I looked for better quality satin and did not want to use silk because of how expensive and lightweight it is. Eventually, I found the quality I was looking for, and went on to create a pattern that ensured that the my pillows did not slip out at night. The dimensions allow for a snug fit on almost all standard and king-sized pillows. This love affair evolved into satin doeks, hair ties and now bonnets. I love all my children equally, but my favourite is definitely the satin hair ties because they are an original design that is protected by law. I applied for it through my lawyers – it’s one of my favourites things to date. 

Satin mimics silk and is the man-made best option for hair. Months later, I realised that even my skin was less dry and I was just all-round glowing. After many, many nods of approval, I made my first satin pillowcase sale in July 2019 and the rest is history. That's how the love was nurtured and the story continues. 

After many lessons, I began creating YouTube videos that would help other entrepreneurs in their business.  


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